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Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD teaches the nine most popular cognitive-behavioral techniques for managing anxiety at her practice on Park Avenue in New York City.  These thought and emotion management techniques help you to reduce anxiety related to issues like perfectionism, worrying too much, or an obsession.  These are the same techniques Dr. Chloe uses to help clients with tendencies towards obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.  These techniques are designed to harness your anxious energy so you can settle yourself, focus yourself, and enjoy yourself more than before.  Many clients experience a bump in productivity because the techniques help decrease procrastination, while increasing motivation and wellbeing.


Dr. Chloe's online program gives you the option to learn on your own schedule, and provides optional telephone coaching sessions.  The program runs on iPad, mobile, or desktop.  Dr. Chloe created these online tools foon-the-go self-help available anytime, anywhere, including the comfort of home!


CBT (Congitive Behavioral Therapy) is skills-based.  This means that you can control anxiety by learning how to manage it. Empower yourself by learning these concrete skills to fight anxiety! The webinar includes homework to practice and reinforce skills.  You even have the option to submit your homework to your coach online.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is proven to be effective in managing anxiety.  The problem is, many therapists claim to offer CBT but have limited experience or even specialized CBT training.   These proven techniques are illustrated, narrated, and delivered exactly according to Dr. Chloe's specifications, and she stands by them 100% with a money back guarantee.  Dr. Chloe's online program gives you access to learn CBT tools from an expert psychologist.


These online tools are a fraction of the cost of private medicine, giving access around the world to these tools and Dr. Chloe's expertise in teaching them for successful control of anxiety. Save yourself the expense and hassle of a trip to Dr. Chloe's office on Park Avenue in New York City and learn her best tools with the online package that works best for you!


Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a licensed psychologist, and is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association and the National Register of Health Psychologists, which is an elite membership for psychologists with highest standards of eduction and board scores.   Dr. Chloe is considered an expert in anxiety, and has taught stress management techniques at Fortune 500 companies as well as in her private practice. Even as a doctoral student, Dr. Chloe presented a poster at the Anxiety Disorder Association of America, and she continues to be a thought leader in anxiety treatment today. Dr. Chloe holds a Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude, from Columbia University in New York.


Today, Mindfulness meditation techniques are widely used in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Dr. Chloe has been studying and practicing Mindfulness techniques since long before they became popular in Psychology- as a former yoga teacher, Dr. Chloe studied Mindfulness meditation for years before the technique became popular in CBT interventions. Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Chloe was a student of Robert Tenzen Thurman, who is the first American to be ordained a Tibetan monk.  She has also taken the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Massachusetts Medical School.  Dr. Chloe’s deep understanding of Mindfulness techniques, which are a cornerstone of popular cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, makes her uniquely qualified to offer a fresh, meaningful perspective and delivery of anxiety management techniques.  Maybe this is why her clients have such a high success rate for overcoming anxiety using CBT skills and techniques!


As a former yoga teacher, Dr. Chloe is truly an expert in both the science side AND the yoga/meditation side to anxiety treatment. Her holistic approach integrates a special blend of techniques, and has been shown to help people overcome anxiety. The overwhelming demand for Dr. Chloe's treatment services has led to a exponential growth of her practice in New York City, and fueled the development of these online tools.

Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD is an expert clinical psychologist.  The demand for Dr. Chloe's treatment of anxiety disorders is greater than she can meet— many patients live far away, or can’t afford therapy. The solution: A series of online tools. Dr. Chloe's tools are now available to all!

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"Having a visual, combined with the accompanied narrative voice, helped reinforce key points/information in an interactive, creative way. Having a ‘picture’ or ‘snapshot’ of these exercises was a great idea. I felt like I was included in the experience. The narrative voice felt like a trusted, knowledgeable guide was walking alongside you."

— Darcy Mentovai, LCSW

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The 9 CBT Anxiety Techniques Covered in the Webinar

Worry Time

Make a list of the things making you anxious, then schedule a time in your calendar
devoted to worrying about everything on the list. This satisfies the part of your brain
that believes these things are really important and necessary for you to be thinking about,
but limits the worry time, so that you can let go afterwards and focus on other things.

Zone of Control

Dividing a broad worry into two different categories: the things we can control,
and the things we cannot control is helpful for managing anxiety. You will be able to
identify the ways in which you can take action to directly address the aspects of your
worry over which you have control, and let go of what you cannot control.

To-Do List With Emotions

Break down your larger goal into smaller steps you need to take to reach that goal. By
thinking about which emotions come up for you in response to each of the steps, you can
plan accordingly with ways to address and sooth those feelings.


around a certain issue. Examining and finding connections in the finished product will give you a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings about the issue, and allow you to move forward with self awareness.

Response Prevention

This technique allows you to stop yourself from doing a compulsive behavior. By taking away the option to do the behavior, you will interrupt the cycle and free yourself up to focus on other things.

Mental Shortlist

By creating a physical list of everything you would rather be thinking about than ruminating and feeling anxious, it will be easier for you to distract yourself from obsessional thinking when it does come up.

Thought Replacement

If you have a thought that is anxiety producing but irrational, you can take deliberate steps to replace it by coming up with a statement to specifically address and sooth the irrational thought.

3-Part Breath

To manage the physical symptoms of anxiety (racing heart, shallow breathing), engage in this exercise. The 3 Part Breath allows you to breath deeply and mindfully, making it easier to calm down.

Anchoring Statements

You can control your thoughts in order to stave off feelings of intense anxiety. This exercise involves constructing logical statements to comfort yourself when you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you begin to panic.